why ggc

What is Go Green Cleaning?

Go Green Cleaning is a new approach to cleaning that offers better environmental performance and improved health and safety for people, while retaining the same sanitation quality as traditional, more chemical-intensive methods. When Go Green Cleaning practices are correctly employed, no “cleaning power” is sacrificed.


Why Go Green Cleaning?

Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can have serious adverse effects on people, and the environment.  Cleaning products can cause harm to the environment during their use if they are poured down drains, circulated through ventilation systems, or disposed of outdoors. Environmental damage can also occur during the development, manufacture, and transport of these products. Possible environmental consequences of cleaning product use include:

    • Air pollution
    • Bioaccumulation of toxic substances in plants and animals
    • Endocrine disruption in wildlife, which affects reproductive ability
    • Ozone depletion
    • Water pollution

Go Green Cleaning can help to reduce many of these health and environmental hazards.