Why is Green Cleaning Better?

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Why is Green Cleaning Important? Green cleaning is all about increasing quality of life and reducing risk to health and environment No matter what changes are made to traditional products and processes, cleaning homes, like all other activities in life-will never be without risk. All risk, however, can be evaluated on a continuum that ranges from very high to very low. Current cleaning practices might pose very high risks or avoidable risks, and changing certain practices and products might reduce unnecessarily hazardous practices with...

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hand washing vs dishwashing

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I came across this article as I was watching Jen do dishes… — For a while, when it comes to green impacts, the prevailing wisdom has been that built in dishwashers beat hand-washing dishes, in a runaway. By the numbers, according to one study at the University of Bonn in Germany, the dishwasher uses only half the energy, one-sixth of the water, and less soap, to boot. That sounds easy enough, but there’s a lot more to it than and black-and-white comparison between your faucet and sink and the appliance under your counter. For...

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Back to School

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Create a system for school papers. There are two types of papers, those you need to take action on and those you’re keeping for future reference. Designate a convenient spot, like a command central binder, file, or bin for items you need to act on or refer back to throughout the school year. For schoolwork and artwork you want to keep, I suggest a two-tiered approach. First, purge unwanted items as soon as they come in the door. Collect the possible keepers into a small storage bin or binder one simple, tidy system. Once you have your...

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5 questions that can help you buy the right vacuum

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In today’s USA Today there was an article  - 5 questions that can help you buy the right vacuum.  I thought for sure I knew the five questions. After reading the article I found that USA Today and I don’t agree on the same five questions.   Let’s compare notes. USA Today thought the most important question was “how much do you want to spend?” Well if you ask my husband that question in a sales situation, he’d say “a dollar”.  It’s really not how much do you want to spend, but how much...

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GGC teams up with White Construction

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GGC teams up with respected local general contractor White Construction to fix Castle Rock’s Camp Bow Wow. After Camp Bow Wow had their grooming room destroyed by a wayward car White Construction Group ( stepped in to save the day!  After the repairs were made the GGC team was called upon to get the room ready for the pooches. Thanks to some hard work from some much valued team members we had shining like new in no time. The Camp Bow Wow group was speechless!  It is great to see local businesses working together.  It is...

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Summer Organizing Tips

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Garage Organizing Stations: The first step toward creating a clutter-free garage is getting as many items as possible off the floor. Wall-mounted track systems are a big asset. Choose a horizontal channel that screws to the wall and is fitted with accessories, including plastic hooks and metal shelves. Read more at Easy Organizing Tips – Martha Stewart

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Being Green

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As I continued research on what green cleaning and green living entailed I came across this list of 100 tips on how to go green.  We each have to start somewhere so here is my challenge to you.  Read threw the list and pick 10 things that you are not doing right now that you can start doing to be more green. Carry reusable bags with you anytime you shop. Recycle just one more thing each week. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Skip bottled water, use filtered tap water. Decorate with plants to improve air quality. Add a...

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